Manila City, Philippines– AG Datacom Phils. Inc. gives donation via cheque to a chosen organization, Philippine National Red Cross, November 20, 2013 at Philippine Red Cross Headquarter at Bonifacio Drive, Port Area, Manila City.

Philippine National Red Cross is already been part of the company social responsibilities as the founder and the president of the company, Ignatius Adhy P.  Nugraha is one of the Six awardees received Gold Medal for having donated their blood to the Red Cross 100 times equivalent to about 25,000 cc of blood.

He proactively initiated the donation program for the victims of the super typhoon Yolanda that destroyed and damaged the central part of the Philippines, Visayas. He started collecting funds to his business partners, suppliers, and closest friends and colleagues from Malaysia and Indonesia, where he originally came from and born.

The consolidated monetary donation is given to said organization amounting to Php. 310,000.00

In addition to that, one of the employees of AG Datacom, her family was affected by the typhoon Yolanda in Roxas, Capiz. The company donated Php. 17,000 worth of goods especially sacks of rice and other commodities to area where the family and relatives of the employee located.