City of Dreams, Paranaque City- CheckPoint launched their newest security device that can cater not only on-premise network but also your cloud-based connections.

As the years passed by, we encountered different attacks and we resolved it by making solutions to destroy and proactively blocked them in our system. We encountered a computer virus, we made anti-virus, we had attacks from Internet and exploitation of our application, security experts created firewalls and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Payload and polymorphic content which now can eliminate by using sandbox and anti-bot.

Now, we encounter different attacks that multi-vector and large-scale, sometimes, they are state-sponsor technologies. Checkpoint make sure that we are updated in protecting our system and network.

Checkpoint Generation V technologies introduced yesterday, Dec. 5, 2018, at City of Dreams Manila, this is the last leg of Checkpoint Launch of the Gen V Technology this year.

Different sessions were tackled such as introducing new products, Checkpoint Infinity, the cybersecurity architecture of the future and Checkpoint CloudGuard. There is also an overview of upcoming Gen VI technology- the nano security.