Introducing the Leak Location sensor: our newest sensor for detecting water leaks in large facilities (data centers, commercial buildings, factories, warehouses, etc.)

– detects leaks along its cable with an accuracy of up to 15cm (6 inch).
– can detect multiple leaks at the same time, with location for up to 2 sequential leaks
– 5m/17ft reusable water sensitive cable.
– optional cable lengths of up to 100m/300 ft available.
– expandable up to 100m/330ft per sensor.
– triggers an alert when water touches cable.
– plugs into the base unit.
– powered by the base unit.
– alerts via SNMP Traps, email, SMS or voice calls.
– IP68 housing: just put it anywhere under your raised floor and let it monitor for you.

Integration with BMS systems using Modbus TCP.
Integration with NMS through SNMP GET & SNMP TRAPS.

Works on the same principle as the traditional leak sensor but with the benefit of being able to pin point the location along the cable.