Introducing our power quality sensor for monitoring 24×7 and in real-time your edge infrastructure.

Simple. Plug & Play. Affordable.

Power quality problems are one of the major causes of unplanned downtime. Even worse it negatively affects the life span of equipment.

No electrical background required. With this new sensor anyone can start monitoring their Power Quality. Just plug it into a wall socket and start monitoring your power quality in real time. 24×7.

The sensor also does all the heavy lifting for you. It compares its measurements against industry standards and brings you the info in easy to understand metrics.

This single phase sensor complements traditional triple phase power quality meters by giving insight in power quality at your single phase edge.

Integrates via Modbus TCP or SNMP with most common building and IT management platforms.

With a ROI of less than 2 minutes, protect your infrastructure and business operations and start monitoring your power quality in real time today –

SOURCE: ServersCheck