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Food manufacturing company avoid expensive storage
upgrade using NXPowerLite for File Servers

About Stateside Foods

Stateside Foods are a food manufacturing company that currently has 43% share of the UK
chilled pizza market. As part of the Freiberger Group, who are the largest own-label pizza
manufacturer in Europe and a global supply network, Stateside Foods has been instrumental in
helping to shape today’s UK chilled pizza market.

Stateside foods operate from a single large site split over multiple units and 2 big food-producing
factories. All of these buildings are included in the IT network. They have around 1,200

Out of Control User Storage Threatens to Derail 5-year IT Plan

Only 2 years previously Stateside invested heavily in new storage and expensive SAN hardware.It was done with a view to the hardware being on a 5-year life cycle before they needed to reinvest in additional capacity. However, data storage growth for the users was getting out of
control and it looked like they would run out of storage space within the next 12 months.

The straightforward option was to buy more storage for their SAN device but they estimated that
it would take a significant investment to buy an additional storage shelf for their SAN device.

“The data disappeared so fast we were only 2 years into our 5-year
infrastructure cycle and we were looking at having to spend money. The
actual storage is quite complex and the cost was spiralling so we set up a
project to try to reduce it and reclaim some space.”
Mike Brockley, Network Analyst, Stateside Foods

Without action, it was obvious that they would miss their IT infrastructure targets and it would
be very hard to justify additional funding for storage. Mike Brockley, the network Analyst who is
responsible for the IT at Stateside foods wanted to find other ways to avoid the need to invest in
more storage.

Research and evaluation

Mike and his team initially started to look for ways that they might encourage users to manage
their data more proactively, however, they found this a difficult project to roll out across the
company and to create awareness of the problem. So, they decided to see if there were any tools
that might help them to compress their data and free up space without needing the users to do

After researching on Google Mike found NXPowerLite file compression. Other software vendors
and products were considered but most of those didn’t offer free evaluation tools and a free
time-limited trial of the actual software, so they couldn’t get a good idea of what would happen
on their systems.

Most of their users’ files are Microsoft Office, PDFs and images, so when they first ran the Quick
Scan tool over their file server data they found that around 70% of the files were supported by
NXPowerLite. The report that was generated on completion of the scan seemed very
encouraging so they then ran some tests on their actual data.

“No matter what it says on the website about the compression not affecting the file and the file’s
quality I was a little sceptical. So, I wanted to test it on a couple of folders full of sample data to
see that everything was as it should be after the compression was run. That then put my mind at
ease to run it across our entire file server.”

“With the value NXPowerLite promised to deliver and a good price point, it
looked like a no-brainer and we decided to give it a whirl. And thankfully
since deployment, the estimated storage reclaimed figures from the free
tests were realised and everything works well.”
Mike Brockley, Network Analyst, Stateside Foods


Mike reported that installing and implementing NXPowerLite was a breeze and there was no
network or server downtime.

“On the initial run across the data served by the file server, 41% of the supported files space was
reclaimed and on data in the TBs, it was quite staggering really.” Periodically Mike runs the
software to compress all the files added since the last compression run.

Mike estimates that after implementing other NXPowerLite compression solutions they will be
able to put their 5-year infrastructure plan back on track and avoid the need to reinvest in data
storage. Since implementation, users have not reported any issues with their files.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with NXPowerLite. It delivers on what it said
it would and works exactly as advertised. Our 5-year plan is now back on
track and we don’t need to make costly investments in storage. To quote
Ronseal – It does what it says on the tin.”
Mike Brockley, Network Analyst, Stateside Foods

Overall the evaluation and implementation of NXPowerLite for File Servers progressed smoothly
and quickly without any issues and working with Neuxpower was easy.

Additional Benefits

The IT team were also aware that if the file server grew much further than its current size, they
would have to add an additional file server to manage the files. This would incur a great deal of
time and effort setting up and configuring all the necessary shares for the users. Implementing
NXPowerLite means they have avoided completely this extra workload.

“The implementation of NXPowerLite for Servers was such a raving
success we are now going to deploy NXPowerLite’s Exchange software
and evaluate NXPowerLite Video compression too”
Mike Brockley, Network Analyst, Stateside Foods

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