Check Point SandBlast Network

Check Point protects your organization from 5th generation and zero-day cyberattacks. SandBlast Network is our complete network threat prevention solution. It detects evasion-resistant malware to keep your organization threat-free and users productive. SandBlast Network also ensures shared content is malware-free and safe to use throughout your organization.

Check Point SandBlast Zero-Day Protection employs Threat Emulation and Threat Extraction capabilities to elevate network security to the next level with evasion resistant malware detection, and comprehensive protection from the most dangerous attacks such as ransomware, spyware, Trojans and file-less malware – and at the same time ensures quick delivery of safe content to your users.

Evasion-Resistant Sandbox

SandBlast Network threat prevention uses threat emulation and CPU-level inspection to deliver the best possible catch rate for unknown malware

Eliminates Threats

Threat Extraction is a unique advanced network threat prevention capability to eliminate potential threats and promptly deliver safe files to users

Practical Prevention

Use network threat prevention with SandBlast Network to obtain continuous business flow without the risks

Product Benefits

 Best catch rate of unknown malware, including today’s most sophisticated evasive attacks, ransomware, spyware and file-less malware.

 Identifies and blocks URL-based and attachment-based threats in their infancy

 Rapid reconstruction of files and delivery of safe content

 Reduces risk of expensive breaches or downtime

 Integrated protection maximizes operational value and minimizes TCO

Product Features

 Deep malware inspection at the CPU level, where exploits cannot hide

 Inspects broad range of documents and common file-types, as well as URLs linked to files within emails

 Works with existing infrastructure, no need to install new equipment

 Removes active content and other exploitable content from documents

 Clean and reconstruct files to PDF for best security, or keep original format

 Integrated threat prevention and security management for complete security and threat visibility

 Automatic sharing of new attack information with ThreatCloudTM