When only analogue communication was available, each phone line was assigned a specific telephone number. If the user moved and wanted to keep the same number, it was necessary to reroute the phone line.

When IP started to gain popularity, it became possible to assign a telephone number to a specific device. Simply by moving the device, users could use the same number in different locations.

Now, users expect that telephone numbers can be assigned to specific users, which can then be used from any device. As a result, users can conduct business communication not only inside the office, but even outside or at home, creating an opportunity to revolutionize their work style.

The Panasonic KX-NSX series delivers the next generation of communication systems to meet today’s work style.

Flexible and Convenient Office Work

User Concept


Each user can assign a phone number to multiple devices such as their office phone and mobile phone, which enables a phone or mobile phone to be easily used as an office extension. Users can easily manage multiple devices spread over various locations using a single number.

Smart Desk

This function enables a number of users to share the same extension. Users apply their own profile with a service-in operation so they can only receive their personal calls and voicemail, etc. Once they have serviced-out, it becomes available for another employee. When an employee services in at a location, they are automatically serviced out at any previous location.

My Portal

Using the My Portal web-based user interface, each user can easily operate the telephony function settings and Unified Message customisation without knowing the PBX-specific feature number.


Multi-Connection System

The KX-NSX is ideal for any company with scalability. Supports up to 2,000 users and provides connectability for up to 32 sites with the KX-NS series for seamless communication. It can also save costs for making calls between offices with KX-NS networking as internal calls, and provides sharing of up to 128 tenants, unified messaging, an office directory, and much more.

Centralized Management

The KX-NSX enables companies spread out over multiple locations to perform remote management from a main site using IP networking. There is no need to have an administrator at every site, which enables low cost operations.

Reliable Backup System to Survive system Failures

1+1 Redundancy

With a primary unit and secondary unit installed, if a problem occurs with the working system on the primary unit, the backup system of the secondary unit is promoted to the working system and continues operations as KX-NSX master PBX.

Simplified Isolated Mode

If network trouble occurs with a multisite connection, the Expansion Gateway (KX-NS series) at each site can operate as a stand-alone system. The KX-NSX is resilient and enables communication to continue.


Remote Maintenance

A service engineer can remotely perform maintenance on the KX-NSX. The Panasonic cloud service enables the engineer to access your system securely, from anywhere, anytime – which allows for quick system recovery. KX-NSX maintenance is both flexible and efficient.

Fault Recovery / Diagnostics

The KX-NSX2000/1000 can obtain system logs to help troubleshooting.

DECT Wireless System

With a multi-zone wireless system, you can receive calls wherever you are on your premises. This reduces waiting times and enables customers to speak to the right person at the right time. You can also switch easily between desk phones and portable devices during conversations. Finally, DECT paging allows conversations to be shared among multiple participants.

Group and Conference Call Functions

Paging over Panasonic DECT phones is available for hospitality and other industries using the conference group call feature. All paged members can listen to both announcements and replies from users.

Mobile Phone Integration

Receive a Call

When your customer calls your office phone number, both your phone at the office and your cellular phone can ring at the same time. You can receive customer calls both inside and outside the company. So , you only need to inform the customer of your office phone number.

Make a Call

When you are away from the office , you can call customers with SIP software phone on your smartphone without any additional fees. And your customer is notified of your office phone number instead of the number of your cellular phone. (One Numbered Extension)

Built-in Call Centre

Automatic Voice Guidance

By being notified of their position in a queue through voice guidance, callers can better decide whether to wait, leave a message, or hang up. This provides a favourable impression for your business and improves the satisfaction of the customers for the service they are receiving.

Monitoring Callers and Call History Report

The supervisor can monitor the live status of call centres to understand onsite problems and improve them. Call history can also be output as a report to understand problems or opportunities relating to customer service. Report data can be saved to an external server.

Auto Recording and Backing Up Data

The KX-NSX can be used to automatically record conversations with customers, which can be listened to by supervisors, saved to an external server, and used to understand problems or opportunities relating to customer service.

Panasonic UC Pro

UC Pro supports multiple devices such as PCs and mobile phones and provides collaborative functions, including presence management, audio/text/video chat, and synchronization with Outlook Calendar. Mobile clients can communicate with an account that is also registered to their PC, so they can take care of business while out of the office.

Video Communication

The combination of the video IP phone KX-HDV430 and communication IP camera KX-NTV150 or IP video doorphone KX-NTV160 enable easy video communication.

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