“OpenText Exstream is very object-oriented, providing reuse of content so we don’t have to invest vast amounts of time when it comes to making changes. We can change a content component in one place and it is automaticallyreplicated in every application where it appears”

CCM Software from OpenText

OpenText Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions improve customer experience through the personalization and automation of customer communications. Both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations use our CCM solutions to design and deliver critical business communications that are highly personalized and interactive —and drive profitable customer engagement. Personalized documents are created through rules-based dynamic assembly and presented to customers, partners, and suppliers in a variety of digital and print formats and channels to drive business impact. From one-to-one contact to the high volume, mass production of documents, OpenText Customer Communications Management solutions simplify and automate document-related business processes while driving a better customer experience.

Simple to deploy and maintain, our suite of CCM solutions deliver dynamic composition, document process automation, and output management capabilities. Designed to meet your departmental or enterprise needs and to scale across any document-driven business process, OpenText CCM solutions integrate easily with your systems of record such as ERP and CRM and other business applications, including those from SAP®, Salesforce, Microsoft and Infor.

Customer Communications Management Solutions

Improve and automate your customer engagement with personalized documents using Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions from OpenText.

Customer Engagement

Get closer to your customer.

  • Reduce customer confusion and customer service times
  • Increase impact with personalized, relevant, and targeted messaging
  • Ensure consistent communication across multiple channels

Billing & Statements

Automate and optimize the high-volume document production.

  • Reduce printing costs with consolidated, batched or distributed printing
  • Improve customer experience with personalize content, appearance and language
  • Cut mailing costs with pre-sorting and electronic document delivery

Correspondence Management

Gain a competitive advantage to drive more revenue in a challenging market.

  • Enable business users to create messages without IT intervention
  • Improve effectiveness with targeted messages
  • Ad-hoc changes in hours, not months apply governance rules to all your customer communications.

Document Optimization

Streamlines and automates document-centric processes for customers in the logistics and distribution industry.

  • Trucks leave the dock faster
  • Reduce labor and error in manual handling
  • Advertise on your shipping documents

Communications Governance

Bring existing documents under compliance in CLM

  • Enhance new correspondence and processes
  • All correspondence is managed securely and within corporate guidelines



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Source: https://www.opentext.com/products-and-solutions/products/customer-experience-management/customer-communications-management