Recently we have been working with a prominent multi-national management consulting firm to help them solve their user issues after a company-wide re-brand made their files explode in size. Read on to see how NXPowerLite Desktop helped them and the new features that their journey inspired.

The marketing department was leading a multi-million dollar re-brand that affected all users in their company. As part of the re-brand, they introduced a new image library where all of the images had been pre-approved for use. The trouble was that the image library that they used contained only high-resolution images that were very large in size. This had disastrous knock-on effects for the users.

Most of the 20,000 strong workforce actively used PowerPoint as their main productivity tool and the re-branded approved PowerPoint template ballooned in size from around 1 MB to 8 MB. Users were finding that after adding only a small amount of content that they couldn’t easily email or share the resulting PowerPoint. In addition, the IT department was nervous about the impact of the larger files on their network.

While searching for a solution to large image and PowerPoint files they were recommended to NXPowerLite by our friends and long term users Duarte Design.

When they came to Neuxpower they approached us with the idea that they could use NXPowerLite Desktop on all their user workstations. The idea was that users would initiate the compression of their PowerPoint files without leaving PowerPoint.


Default NXPowerLite PowerPoint Add-in layout

For those that don’t know, NXPowerLite has a number of different modules which allow NXPowerLite to be invoked from various applications. Along with Windows Explorer, Outlook and Lotus Notes integration, it is possible to compress documents from within the Microsoft Office programs PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

Providing that the file had already been saved NXPowerLite can process and then reopen the application with the compressed file loaded after it had been invoked using the ‘Optimize’ button.

For the consulting firm, this represented the best solution because it avoided them having to extensively retrain staff on a whole new process and kept them within the familiar application. All they had to do was ensure that they knew a new option existed within PowerPoint.

NXPowerLite was easily deployed to the entire company by the IT team, using a single MSI file and some customizable deployment options. For example, they were able to register the software with their purchased key and select to only install the PowerPoint Add-in using our in-depth deployment guide. For the IT team, this was a great solution as it could be centrally managed and didn’t rely on the users having to do anything.

Some weeks after a successful deployment the IT Team approached us to work with them on their primary problem. Despite the NXPowerLite compression option being available and the staff training taken place, they wanted to make it easier for users to take advantage of the software and increase adoption.

The consultancy company had already worked on creating its own ribbon within PowerPoint. Their customized ribbon included all the options, tools and approved processes that each user needed all in one place. They wanted to see if it would be possible to move the NXPowerLite compression button from its own ribbon onto their customized company ribbon. In addition, they wanted to be able to set properties of the button so they could control where it was located and its appearance, such as the size of the button image and the text on the tool-tip.

These options were not already included in the NXPowerLite deployment options and we set about making it work not just for this company, but in a way that would benefit other users. In an update of our latest version 8 of NXPowerLite Desktop, we release the final version which allowed a slew of customizable options not just for PowerPoint but for all the other office applications Word and Excel.

The following customizations were implemented for the NXPowerLite compression element and are available at deployment time or can be retro-fitted to an existing installation:

  1. Place in a standard Windows or custom tab

  2. Place in a standard Windows or custom group (within a tab)

  3. Insert a tab or group after standard or custom tab or group

  4. Allow custom items to be placed in the NXPowerLite group

  5. Use a large icon for the NXPowerLite compression button

  6. Customise the button label, Screen tip and Super tooltip.


NXPowerLite added to a custom tab

Once we officially released the update the consultancy company were able to quickly and easily roll out the improvements to their installations. Since the update, they report that the usage of the compression button within PowerPoint has dramatically increased and now they are confident that most users are actively using the feature.

Neuxpower offers many features to help large businesses with the impact of large documents and images in their company, such as:

  • Business evaluations – Try NXPowerLite without restriction for 30 days for up to 50 people

  • Comprehensive deployment guide for easy installation on multiple desktops without any user interaction

  • Customizable deployment settings

  • Volume pricing with add-on discounts for additional licences

  • Optional fixed-term contracts covering varying user numbers keeping costs predictable costs

  • Optional build of custom features

  • First class support from our amazing customer success team

If we don’t currently have the killer feature that would enable NXPowerLite Desktop in your business why don’t you get in touch and work with us to realize your solution? You’ve already heard we are good at that;-)


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