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Sophos Central

The Unified Console for Managing your Sophos Products Intuitive Dashboard Explore the features Synchronized Security Sophos Central allows you to manage our award-winning Synchronized Security platform. Advanced attacks are more coordinated than ever before. Now, your defenses are too. Our revolutionary Security Heartbeat™ ensures your endpoint protection and firewall are talking to each other. It’s [...]

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Bitdefender GravityZone Ultra Suite

UNCOVER AND STOP ELUSIVE THREATS WITH AGILITY AND PRECISION Relying on highly effective prevention, automated threat detection and response technologies, GravityZone Ultra sharply limits the number of incidents requiring manual analysis, reducing the operational effort required to run an EDR solution. Cloud-delivered and built from the ground up as a unified, single agent/single console solution, [...]

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Real-Time Detection, Enforcement, and Remediation Without Compromising Security or Performance Organizations today are in the constant shadow of evolving and sophisticated cyber threats. In some cases, these threats are not only more complex than those of the past, but they are also targeted and rely on newly discovered vulnerabilities or exploits. In other cases, threats [...]

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EZ Master Controller

Flexible, Scalable, Enterprise-Class Management for Networks Both Large and Small EzMaster Network Management Software expands the flexibility and scalability of Neutron Series Managed Access Points and WLAN Controller Switches. EzMaster allows organizations, such as branch offices and managed service providers, to easily and affordably deploy, monitor and manage a large number of Neutron APs and [...]

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Big Data Integration and Analytics

Unlock Your Data To Deliver More Valuable Insights INGEST, BLEND, PREPARE AND ANALYZE ANY DATA FROM ANY ENVIRONMENT, AT SCALE Extract the full value of your data with agile data pipelines across edge-to-multicloud environments. Build analytic capabilities that seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure.   Easy to Use With the Power to Integrate All Data [...]

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Our Communication Styles Continue to Change Over the Years

When only analogue communication was available, each phone line was assigned a specific telephone number. If the user moved and wanted to keep the same number, it was necessary to reroute the phone line. When IP started to gain popularity, it became possible to assign a telephone number to a specific device. Simply by moving [...]

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Protection for Enterprise, Large and Small

PHYSICAL AND CYBER ATTACKS CAUSE HUGE DAMAGE Internal and external data and physical theft cause enterprises to suffer billions of dollars of losses every year to a wide range of assets, including theft of data and intellectual property. The thefts can result from a perpetrator physically stealing property, from embezzlement, monetary fraud, or from advanced [...]

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Lifesize Dash

Affordable, software-based collaboration solution for mini spaces Start simply, scale effortlessly. Lifesize Dash™ helps you transform your small, underutilized phone rooms into video-connected, collaboration hotspots so you can deploy modern, cost-effective workspaces in your smallest meeting rooms. Lifesize Dash Overview Huddle rooms and mini rooms are perfect for when it’s just one or two people [...]

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Konftel 800

True Conference Delight Hybrid conference phone with intuitive interface. OmniSound® audio technology brings a natural sense of presence to the dialog. Can easily be daisy-chained with three devices. Suits everything from small to really large meeting rooms. Konftel 800 brings true delight to all kinds of distance meetings. OmniSound® Daisy-chain connection Built-in bridge for 5-way calls [...]

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Plug and Play Interfaces with Telekonnectors

INTERFACES TLK DUAL ADAPTORS This adaptor enables you to use the same headset with a desktop phone (Digital or IP) or with PC based applications like softphones and conferencing applications  etc.. | Plug and Play operation | Soft mute function with LED indication | Digital receive volume control – adjusts receive volume for comfortable listening [...]

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