IT Human Resources Provider (IT Body Shop/Manpower Supply/Outsourcing)

We provide a wide range of proficient and high-quality outsourcing solutions across different industries. Outsourcing with us, you don’t have to think about the minimum time length in hired our candidates, it’s all depends on your project time frame.

Outsource with us and take advantage of below benefits:

Minimizing costs – converting fixed costs to variable costs providing operational flexibility;
Access to expertise – offering domain competencies;
Focus on core business – helping you to focus on your core business activities;
Operational flexibility – allowing organizations to better adapt to market changes and customer demands;
Better service quality

IT Software Development

We apply professional business practices for all companies, regardless of size. We have developed our own internal systems to allow us to organize and allocate resource efficiently, which makes us faster and more effective when dealing with your problems. Our specialized solutions help you to manage your business better and less effort.


1. IT Human Resources Provider (IT Body Shop/Manpower Supply/Outsourcing)
Developer/programmer: Oracle, Microsoft (VB, .Net, J2SE), Java (J2EE, J2ME, J2SE), ASP, PHP, RPG;
Project Manager/Leader;
Technical Writer/Documentation and Project Administrator;
System & Business Analyst (Logistic, Financial, Manufacture Banking, etc);
Oracle Financial Implementator & Apps. Specialist;
Data Warehouse Consultant;
Database and Network Administrator;
System Engineer

2. IT Human Resources Development (Education Center)
System Analyst and Design, UML, Project Management;
Oracle, MS SQL Database Servers;
Microsoft, Unix, Linux Operating Systems;
Java, Web Programming, Oracle Developer;
Networking (Cisco)
And other IT-related trainings

3. IT Software Development
Development & Implementation Web based Application (Java);
Development & Implementation Client Server Application;
Application & Database Migration;
Project Management System;
Process Business Analyst