24Online Service Management System (SMS)

24online SMS series caters internet service providers and large hotspots (Shopping Malls, City Centres, Airports, Stadiums, Municipalities, Hospitals, Elderly Homes, Residential Compounds etc.) and Educational Institutions across different networks including wired, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and VSAT. 24online solutions is interoperable with third party access gateways, NAS, BRAS, BNG, etc. It includes critical features required for small/medium/large ISPs covering subscriber management, package management, voucher management, franchisee management, customer-zone-pop based payment tracking, SMS and Payment gateway integrations, and extensive business intelligence (BIS) reports.

About 24Online

24online Info Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the global provide of 24online products, solutions and services. 24online offers Hospitality Internet Access (HIA) and Service Management System (SMS) management solutions which caters to ISPs, Hotels, Enterprises, Airports, Malls, and various public Wi-Fi Hotspots in varied networks like Wired, Wi-Fi and VSAT.

24online is a next generation Internet Access Management solution which is bundled with OSS/BSS, internet billing, bandwidth management, access gateway, caching, CRM, URL filtering and many such features & functionalities to support the networks. The solution supports different types of user authentication, internet billing, bandwidth management, caching, URL logging and many such use cases and business models which enables business setups and public Wi-Fi hotspots to generate additional through Internet using 24online solutions.

24online is available in different range of appliance models to support small/medium and large hotels and ISPs, which can support single or multi-location networks. 24onlineā€™s 24/7 Global Support Management Centre (GSMC) team is readily available to provide support for all type of technical support needed regarding our solutions.

If you need more information, please feel free to share your brief requirements on info@agdatacom.com