Konftel Audio Conferencing

Konftel is a leading manufacturer of audio conference telephones from Sweden. Konftel also knows that good sound quality is critical to keep concentration levels high. That’s why a patented audio technology, OmniSound, is built into all Konftel audio conference phones.

The innovative technologies have won us a number of awards, including the prestigious Product Differentiation Innovation Award from Frost and Sullivan.

Meetings at your desk & smaller meeting rooms

The most traditional way of conducting teleconferences involves gathering onsite colleagues in the conference room and calling other participants on the phone. Good sound quality is critical for keeping concentration levels high and meetings efficient in this situation. That’s why Konftel’s conference phones incorporate OmniSound, which delivers superb audio quality even in large meetings. In addition to sound quality that keeps everyone on the same page, you’ll appreciate your Konftel’s flexibility.

Expansion microphones more than double your phone’s pickup range, allowing more people to actively participate. You can even connect a wireless headset to models that simultaneously transfer sound from the conference phone and the headset — a particularly useful feature when the person speaking isn’t near a microphone. Because Konftel’s design objective is greater ease of use, our products incorporate numerous smart features.

The conference guide provides instructions for making multiparty calls and for preprogramming call groups, allowing you to reach multiple colleagues with the press of a single button. Our built-in recording capability makes it simple to document calls. This highly useful feature is perfect for colleagues who are unable to attend meetings, and for double-checking meeting decisions. You can replay recorded files on the phone or transfer the memory card to a computer that has an SD memory card reader.

When you want participants to see one another or watch a presentation together, they can use their computers with cameras or a shared screen. Konftel conference phones provide the perfect audio solution — whatever the situation.

Examples of products for this situation:

Konftel 300M For mobile network

Konftel 300 For all your audio conferences

Konftel 60W The flexible conferencing solution

Konftel 250 Simple yet sophisticated

Telephone meetings in conference rooms

With a Konftel unit on your desk, time and distance are no longer obstacles. It’s fast and simple to hold spontaneous meetings without leaving the office or losing precious work time. You can quickly arrange ad hoc meetings to discuss small details that might otherwise delay critical projects, or effortlessly meet with the entire team to consider large questions and share the latest information. And with a Konftel conference phone on your desk, it’s equally easy to conduct regularly scheduled meetings.

Fixed telephony is only one method of communicating at a distance. Telephony has stepped into the world of information technology to meet today’s ever-increasing demand for fast and efficient communications.

Unified communications (UC) enables seamless integration between all forms of communication — including mobile phones, computers, and fixed-line phones. Our conference phones harness the inherent power and versatility of UC technologies.

Examples of products for this situation:

Konftel 300W For DECT environments

Konftel 100 The practical conferencing solution

Konftel 50 The personal conferencing solution

Konftel 250 Simple yet sophisticated

Large situations

Konftel’s versatility and audio quality enhance conferences and meetings in large lecture halls and auditoriums. With our comprehensive capacity to deliver top performance at major events, your guests can enjoy an unrivaled sound experience — regardless of their physical locations or levels of participation.

When you connect your Konftel to a PA system with speakers and microphones, guests can attend from remote locations, and can even enhance their listening experiences with wireless headsets. In-house participants, on the other hand, can join the discussion during question-and-answer periods by using wireless hand-held microphones.

Moreover, speakers are free to move about, confident that both remote and in-house audiences can hear their voices distinctly and clearly. Konftel connects to a PA system to deliver crystal-clear sound and is an excellent choice at major events where presentation standards are high.

Examples of products for this situation:

Konftel 300 For all your audio conferences

Konftel 300IP For SIP integration