Multisuns Voice Logger

Today more and more transactions are done over the telephone, but words can be misunderstood and memories can fade. How do you protect your phone agents? Financial commodity diversifies and investment return varies. How do you assure your employees are compliant to regulatory procedures when they are proposing your clients for a financial commodity investment over the phone? In fact, the demand for call recording solutions has increased dramatically in recent years as it has been proved that businesses in any scale can use them to improve customer service and employee productivity, address security concerns and comply with new legal requirements.

Many people worry that recording telephone calls is illegal. In fact in many countries it is legal for anyone to record their telephone calls. However, there are rules you must follow. Followings are very general overview. Please check up with your government for verification and detailed information.

  • Provide evidence of a business transaction.
  • Ensure that a business complies with regulatory procedures.
  • See that quality standards or targets are being met in the interests of national security.
  • Prevent or detect crime to investigate unauthorized use of a telecom system.
  • Secure effective operation of the telecom system.
Product Lineup

There are 4 product series: EULS, DCRS, EasyLog Web+ and MicroLog. EULS refers to a full featured web browser enabled platform that is comprised of BestLink server and the EULS Call Recorder capable to capture and monitor almost all standard telephony lines, VoIP calls and 2-way radio in single or multi site environments. DCRS refers to a Windows-based integrated voice recording platform that is comprised of Database Center server and the DCRS Call Recorder capable to capture and monitor almost all standard telephony lines, VoIP calls and 2-way radio in single or multi site environments. EasyLog Web+ refers to the Linux-based multi-channel call recorders that are intended for use by the organizations that have call recording needs with limited budget. MicroLog refers to an enterprise level of single channel self-contained logging system that records user’s telephone calls and face-to-face conversations.

More Info

The Power of EULS Call Recorder

EULS call recorder is the Multisuns new generation voice recording and logging system that continues to progress with computer telephony technology by the continued R&D development and hands-on experience, and to progress internationally with overseas strategy partners by providing users a high level of service and commitment.  It inherits the extraordinary features of DCRS series that have been at work since 1990’s in digital communication recording system markets as varied as finance, transportation, public safety, customer care, sales force automation and healthcare since the industry started to give away the bulky reel-to-reel audio tape recording technology.  EULS call recorders are ready to record millions of telephone calls and 2-way radio communications around the world.Every EULS call recorder unit, which is usually abbreviated to EULS, is a complete multi-function call recording and logging unit.  It features a wide range of flexibility on call recording, voice logging and live monitoring of phone calls and 2-way radio, playing back of recordings and the archiving of recorded data.

EULS Technology on Call Recording

EULS is capable to deliver a mix of VoIP, TDM and analog recording to accommodate the modern PBX that is a pure convergence on one platform. Well designed EULS together with Multisuns R&D continuous development and cohesive integration skills allow customers worldwide to get the best benefit from their spending by buying technology of the future.

EULS Call Recorder Models

All EULS voice loggers make use of industrial-grade single board computer for housing the Microsoft Windows and database platform, high-performance DSP boards and Multisuns in-house engineered software application. When this single board computer is formed by a 19 ” rack-mount chassis it is given with the model number EULS-3000 whereas it is formed by a compact desktop chassis it is given with the model number EULS-3000S.

Typical Group of Users

Both EULS-3000 and EULS-3000S voice loggers are excellent for use in the financial service company, public safety, defense, transportation and call centers. Typical groups of the users are as follows:

  • Financial planners
  • Investment advisors
  • Estate planners
  • Attorneys
  • Call center agents
  • County or small city police stations
  • Firefighter regional station
  • Traffic control room
  • Border troops
  • Homeland security agencies
  • Home based businesses