Verint System Call Centre Solution

Todays business climate of government and industry regulations, liability issues, and risk management practices has prompted many organizations to proactively record and archive the interactions between their customers/callers and their staff. But capturing contacts is only one part of the compliance challenge. Maintaining, storing, and retrieving the information for verification, data mining, and business intelligence is equally important.

Verint Systems can help. We offer Impact 360 V10 Full-time Recording, a proven, reliable system for capturing, indexing, and retrieving customer/caller interactions in traditional TDM, IP, and mixed telephony environments. With Impact 360 V10, you can capture all of your interactions and then easily search and replay them, regardless of where they were recorded in your enterprise. Whats more, you can share these interactions throughout your business, providing insight into customer and staff behaviors to help drive decision making.

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