XPossible Internet Billing and Digital Signage

XPossible Technologies: We believe in a World without fuss, a cyberspace that has no barriers of entry where anyone can be


creative in providing business solutions

High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) has become the artery that courses through our systems; mastery of this technology will provide business a powerful tool to be used consistently. The world has becomes borderless and internet is the only bloodline that connects people from anywhere; be it for business or leisure.

We create technologies that will give you the liberty to access the internet by leveraging on robust open source platform to develop cost effective solutions that enable tremendous scalability. We are specialized in providing complete suite of internet solutions to the hospitality industry. Our customer ranges from hotels, service apartments and convention centres, where internet is one of the fastest growing amenities today.

We endeavor to share with our clients our experiences in maximizing benefits and profits from their investments in XPossible Solutions. Ensuring their investment is protected by continual upgrade and enhancement.

XPossible provides more than just solutions; it provides a launch pad where your businesses can take off smoothly to a new height. Our goal is to build long lasting relationship with our clients and becomes their long term preferred solution provider.

XPossible Connect Models

Model 1: XPossible Connect Small Hotel Edition

  • Supports up to 50 concurrent users
  • Embedded sever suitable for 24×7 operations.
  • 4 LAN Ports for connecting WAN network, guest network zones, PMS interface

Model 2: XPossible Connect Hotel Edition

Model 3: XPossible Connect Premium Edition

  • Supports up to 150/300 concurrent users
  • Industrial rack mountable 1U sever suitable for 24×7 operations.
  • 4 LAN Ports for connecting WAN network, guest network zones, PMS interface

All models are equipped with high resiliency option whereby if server breakdown, data can be restored into replacement server within minutes

For each model, customer can select 3 options:

    • without billing
    • with prepaid card billing
    • with prepaid card, post paid billing and interface to PMS

Network Management Tools

XPossible provides various tools for network administrators to manage the whole internet network easily within a short time.

In order to provide a good internet system to your organization, all network equipments must be properly planned and configured to make sure that the data can flow smoothly. XPossible worked alongside with the organization to make sure that all network traffics can be managed and monitored, internet connection and bandwidth are managed intelligently. XPossible comes with a completed internet solution that helps facilitate the above requirements with various predesigned features as follows:

  • Advanced bandwidth management on application layer

It helps organizations to manage internet bandwidths through intelligent service policy configuration. Organizations can predetermine how much bandwidth it intends to give for each service; for example: web surfing, mail service, ftp, P2P downloading, virus and spam controls.


      • Internet service cost is reduced
      • Reduction of bandwidth consumption from P2P downloading software as it never has limit to additional bandwidths requests
      • Organization can still provide full service functions without affecting other services. There is no need to disconnect the guest using P2P from the network, the system can still work effectively and deliver various usage purposes
    • Network Operation Center (NOC)

Provide all network equipments information at your finger tip. Administrators can easily manage their network devices through web interface while monitoring or even reconfiguring their status remotely. NOC provides many quick links to various reports and services which come with the system.

        • Monitoring site real time usage information
        • Monitoring site real time traffic information
        • Monitoring of XPossible Connect Servers
        • Monitoring of PMS interface
        • Monitoring of Gigalink Switches on each site
        • Remote access to Service Provider Administration
        • Remote access to Guest Administration
        • Site Configuration data backup and restore


      • organisation administrator finds this feature very effective to monitor and manage their complex network
      • Reduce the workload from the normal day-to-day operation
      • Prompt supports and problem solving can be done quickly
    • Security management and SPAM controls

XPossible Securities and Controls help protect against intentional Denial of Service attacks and unintentional threats from virus inherited guest‘s notebook.


    • Server will not be out of service or slow in operation in the event of these attacks
    • VLAN implementation and security management reduce network flooding and virus attacks. Guest is safe from the unintentional attacks from other notebooks
    • Virus infected notebook can still get internet connection. Organization does not need to block them from the network. Services can still be provided as usual