NXPowerLite for Business

What if you could stop email bouncebacks?

Imagine the impact of everyone in your organization using NXPowerLite. No more email bouncebacks. Files automatically reduced as they’re sent. Many customers like Nike Inc, have deployed NXPowerLite on every machine, achieving great results.

Email integration

NXPowerLite integrates with Outlook, Outlook Express and Lotus Notes. It automatically shrinks attachments, saving your business money by lowering use of expensive email storage.

Does what zip can’t

Zip tools often don’t compress the most common business file formats. NXPowerLite does, reducing the size of PDF, PPT, Word, Excel and JPEG files by up to 95%.

“A powerful means to deliver data reduction on the most common file types in business environments.”


Immediate results

NXPowerLite makes an impact in your business. Installing it on every machine will always deliver the following results:

  • Reduced email bandwidth
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Fewer calls to IT help desk
  • Slower email storage growth
“Our experience with NXPowerLite has been a resounding success. The low price of the software is easily justified by the benefits in cost and productivity savings. I would recommend any organization to try NXPowerLite for themselves.”

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Volume pricing

Buying licenses for your entire organization can see the cost per license dramatically reduce. We think you’ll be amazed by how cheap it is, given the potential returns.

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Easy deployment

We have made it easy for businesses to deploy NXPowerLite using standard automated tools like SMS. We have experience of rolling out NXPowerLite on over 10,000 machines at a time.

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First-class support

Our customers rave about our ‘great support’. Our volume customers can expect to be at the front of the queue when it comes to us supporting you.