San Juan City, Manila – Multisuns with partnership with AG Datacom introduce the new Multisuns TCR-3000 Phone Recorder, a recorder which can handle up to 8 channels per unit and can be cascaded up to hundred or more by grouping several recorder units.

Below are the features of the new TCR-3000:

  • Desktop and web-based user interface
  • 8 Channels per unit, expandable to a hundred or more by grouping several units
  • Direct connection with analog phone line
  • Direct connection with handset of digital/IP phone
  • Call recordings backup for multiple TCR-3000s readily available via network connected PC
  • Call recording encrypted by AES 256 bit
  • Call Recording Announcement implemented by built-in TD-100 (Optional)
  • 10/100/1000 RJ-45 Ethernet network
  • Phone line breaking off auto checkup and alert notification
  • System software user-upgradable via computer network
  • Ring-no-answer-call records logged and user-searchable

TCR-3000 Special Features

TCR-3000 does far more than just record conversations.  It plays prerecorded statements to telephone line and record them with conversations, enabling that financial planners, investment advisors, attorneys, trading agents and mission critical persons delimit the scope of rights and obligations in a legally-recognized fashion and accurately meet the compliance requirements of the applicable laws.

TCR-3000 Central Management Features

With powerful central management features, the recorded calls of all available TCR-3000s can be archived to a central storage device.  Besides, TCR-3000s can be grouped according to user demands; and channel status monitoring, live call monitoring, searching and replaying for call archives, system configurations are supported.  TCr-3000 is excellent for use by small-to-medium sized enterprises including real estate brokers, restaurants, retailers and lift service companies.