Transform Your Business With Modern Data Protection

In the dynamic, always-on digital era, data grows exponentially, without regard for an organization’s ability to harness, store, protect, retain and govern it. Adopting a unified, modern approach to data protection is key to your digital transformation success. Across the globe, IT leaders recognize that digital transformation and business/IT continuity are among their top 10 investment priorities. They are driven by:

  • Rising cybersecurity threats and strict compliance regulations
  • Flexible IT consumption models
  • Opportunities for increased workload efficiency

Data Resilience for the Digital Age

Business continuity and data resilience have become integral in today’s IT environment. You need fast, uninterrupted access to your business applications and mission-critical data located on-premises or in the cloud. And when unforeseen events occur, nearinstant recovery with minimal impact to your business operations is critical.

Downtime Is Not an Option

The impact of downtime can be financially devastating, and the costs and business risks associated with downtime are increasing.

  • Meet expanded business requirements.
  • Capitalize on data for new opportunities.
  • Keep all data protected, all the time.
  • Deliver on SLAs, RPOs, RTOs and ROI goals.*
  • Balance bimodal realities with hyperscale digital demands.

Your Success Begins With the Right Data Protection Strategy

As organizations increasingly move to cloud technology to gain agility, flexibility and cost savings, they are reconsidering how to safeguard their critical data and applications. Cloud computing and software-defined data centers, with virtualized infrastructure components delivered as a service, have elevated the need for cloud-enabled data protection.

Business Outcomes and Benefits

Provide a pre-validated and pre-configured service catalog for operational recovery, business continuity and disaster recovery.
• Accelerate your transition to a private or hybrid cloud-enabled data protection solution.
• Lower risks caused by schedule overruns and maintain productivity while data is moved, avoiding
downtime and business disruption.
• Improve application availability by eliminating the backup window.
• Reduce the amount of data to be recovered with our incremental-forever data capture model.
• Cut capital costs by reducing backup time and storage requirements.
• Eliminate tape backup and reduce recovery time from days or weeks to minutes or hours.


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