Compliant with Gigabit Interface Converter, the XPossible Multi-Mode Transceiver

 is a high performing short-range transceiver that allows quick input and output transmission of data in the file server. Covering up to 0.55km, the Multi-Mode Transceiver has the ability to carry more than one path and support more than one propagation path, using LED as its light source.


  • Compliant with Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC)
  • Wavelength: 850nm VCSEL
  • 1.0625Gbps Fiber Channel Compliant
  • 1.25Gbps Gigabit Ethernet Compliant
  • Single 3.3/5.0V Power Supply Voltage
  • Transmission over distances up to 550m
  • Duplex SC Connector
  • RoHS Compliance
  • Class 1 laser product (Multi-Mode Fiber)
  • Switch to switch interface
  • High speed I/O for file server


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