NetSupport School

NetSupport School is the class-leading training software solution, providing teachers with the ability to instruct, monitor and interact with their students, individually, as a pre-defined group or to the whole class.

Rising to the challenge and requirements of today’s modern classroom, NetSupport School provides the ability to deliver lesson content, simultaneously monitor all student PCs and work collaboratively, ensuring that complete student attention and focus is maintained at all times. There are no hidden extras, all features are included as standard including a customised testing suite, dedicated technician console, digital student revision aids, lesson planning tools and the option for teachers to reward students for good effort.

Designed to work flawlessly across wired or wireless networks and with support for Windows, Android/iOS tablets, Google Chromebooks, a fully compatible sister product for Mac and Linux (NetSupport Assist) and a Teacher’s Assistant App that runs on both tablets and smartphones (Apple and Android) – NetSupport School is the ideal teaching tool for any classroom environment.

Key Features include:

NetSupport School is designed to allow teachers to focus their time and attention on the students, delivering all the features you would expect from a leading classroom management solution:

  • Remotely Power On/Off and Log In/Log Off all classroom computers from the teacher PC.
  • Create a detailed student register, including standard and custom information from each student, at the start of class.
  • Prepare lesson activities in advance with the NetSupport School Lesson Planner. Ensure students can see the purpose of the lesson with “Always available” lesson details and target objectives.
  • Blank student screens to gain attention or lock the student’s mouse and keyboard when instructing.
  • Give individual students visual rewards to encourage effort or behaviour.
  • One-click “Request Assistance” option for teacher needing Tech Support.
  • Hand out and automatically collect files with each student’s details appended; transfer files from the teacher PC to individual or multiple student workstations.
  • Monitor and control all printing activity during a lesson as well as the use of memory sticks and other external media.

NetSupport School provides a wealth of real-time instruction and collaboration tools that enhance teaching and promote an engaging and collaborative learning environment:

  • ‘Show’ the teacher’s screen, a specific application or broadcast a video to students. Alternatively, show a Replay file (previous screen recording) to students, and output as a video file.
  • An interactive virtual Whiteboard supported by a wealth of drawing tools allows the teacher to highlight key learning points and also gives students the opportunity to interact.
  • Internet Co-Browse facility allows a teacher to open selected websites and synchronise this with the browser on each student PC.
  • A nominated student can be assigned certain teacher rights and act as a ‘Group Leader’ until such privileges are revoked.
  • Open a ‘Chat’ session that all or selected students can join.
  • Broadcast Audio to the class or transmit the teacher’s voice during a presentation. Audio support is included in all Show Screen and Remote Control sessions.
  • Highlight achievements or share student feedback by broadcasting a selected student’s screen to the rest of the class.
  • When the Tutor application is minimised, a convenient toolbar is provided for quick access to key features within NetSupport School. This toolbar is optimised for use with interactive Whiteboards.

To ensure student focus is maintained during a lesson, NetSupport School provides the most complete set of monitoring and control tools available:

  • Monitor the entire class in a single view with crystal clear thumbnails of each student desktop. Watch, share or control the screen, keyboard and mouse of any student workstation in the class when assistance is needed.
  • Monitor and control application and internet use. Introduce ‘Approved’ and ‘Restricted’ application and website lists when needed.
  • Real-time monitoring of Instant Messenger applications, presenting the teacher with a real time view of chat activity and content.
  • Real-Time Keyboard Monitoring providing teachers with a real-time insight into student activity and topic understanding.
  • For added online security, the NSS Internet Safesearch feature overrides the search settings for most leading search engines and prevents inappropriate content being returned within search results.

The unique Student Toolbar, located at the top of each student screen, ensures students are fully aware of the current lesson status and any classroom restrictions that might be in place. The toolbar highlights which websites are available for use, when printing is restricted, what the current lesson objectives are, even rewards that have been given during the class and more. Using the toolbar, students can discreetly request teacher assistance.

NetSupport School delivers a totally unique Language Lab mode, providing an innovative link between audible and visual monitoring. This allows teachers to see instantly which computers have live audio activity and listen in to the desktop sounds or audio content on any student PC. Teachers may also listen to the microphone feed for each student and instantly correct pronunciation, as well as use the record and playback facility where required.

Assessment of student understanding is a key strand within education and NetSupport School provides a number of tools to aid this process:

Question and Answer Module
A truly collaborative and unique tool enabling a teacher to verbally ask questions to the class, gauge student answers and understanding, ‘bounce’ questions, award points and introduce peer assessment. Teachers can use a variety of question styles – “First to answer”, “Random select”, “Enter an answer” and “Question bounce” – and then either reward individual students for correct answers or allow teams to compete for rewards as a group. Students can give Yes/No feedback in response to an answer given by one of their classmates – and teachers can exclude students from the next round if they have already answered.

Class Surveys
Teachers can find out whether students have understood the content covered during the lesson by conducting an instant survey. View responses in real-time and instantly share results with the class.

Student Testing
Design customised tests and examinations with the minimum of effort, including text, picture, audio and video questions. Utilise any of eight different question styles. Track student progress in real time, auto-mark the tests and instantly deliver results to the class.

Student Journal
Ideal for use as a revision aid or for teachers to share with absent pupils, NetSupport School’s unique Student Journal ensures all relevant information covered during a lesson is recorded for future review. All key actions and events during a lesson can be added to a PDF file, including lesson details and objectives as well as teacher and individual student notes. Details such as screenshots and supporting explanations from within a presentation; Class Survey results; individual Student Test results; URLs of websites used during the lesson and copies of any class Chat transcripts may all be included.

A classroom management solution is not simply about providing the right tools for each teacher. Equally important are tools to ensure all computers in the school can be managed and maintained so they are always available for teaching. With this in mind, NetSupport School provides, as standard, a “Tech Console” specifically for Lab Technicians and Network Managers.

The Console allows you to monitor all computers across the school in a single view, apply school-wide policy restrictions and security profiles (without the need for a dedicated server) and provide instant remote assistance to any teacher or student PC.

Feature highlights:

  • Monitor application and internet use on each student PC and apply a school-wide set of internet and application restrictions that are ‘always on’.
  • Transfer files and folders to selected or all computers.
  • Generate a full Hardware/Software Inventory for a selected PC.
  • ‘Chat’ with one or multiple students or teachers and broadcast messages to groups or all network users in seconds.
  • Perform powerful 1:1 PC remote control on any selected computer.
  • Power on, power off, reboot and login to classroom computers remotely.
  • Edit the registry of a remote system and launch a local command prompt from the remote system on your PC.

Classroom technology is continually evolving with a wide range of systems and devices now available to students and teachers. With NetSupport School you can run your classroom efficiently – whatever the configuration. Building on its core Windows capabilities, NetSupport School now offers:

– A Tutor Assistant app that runs on both tablets and smartphones (Apple and Android).

Available free from Google Play, iTunes and the Amazon App Store, the NetSupport Tutor Assistant app is an extension to the traditional desktop Tutor application, delivering greater mobility for teachers around the classroom and the ideal tool to allow teaching assistants to help with monitoring student progress.

Once installed on a device, the app pairs with the NetSupport desktop Tutor software (version 11 and above required), allowing teachers the freedom to move around the classroom, helping retain key control and monitoring of all student workstations.

Key features include:

  • Thumbnail View of the entire class.
  • Interact and engage with any pre-defined student group.
  • Lock the student’s mouse and keyboard when instructing and blank screens to gain attention.
  • Application and Internet Monitoring and Control.
  • Send a preset message or instruction to students.
  • Remotely logoff all student machines.
  • Restrict student printing.
  • Display student help requests.

– Support for teachers and students using Google Chromebooks.

Utilise the power of NetSupport School in a Google Chromebook education environment. For use in an existing or new NetSupport-managed classroom, the NetSupport School Student app extension can be installed on each student system running Google Chrome OS. From the teacher’s Windows or Chrome OS desktop you can then connect to each machine enabling them to monitor the screens and interact with each student quickly and efficiently.

The NetSupport School Student extension and NetSupport School Tutor app for Chrome are available from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Key features include:

  • Thumbnail View of each student Chromebook in a single view.
  • Interact with the students’ screens with real time remote control.
  • Ensure student attention and focus when presenting by ‘showing’ the teacher’s desktop to selected student Chromebooks. If the teacher is using multiple monitors, select an individual screen to show to students or show all.
  • Show an application to selected students.
  • Lock the student’s mouse and keyboard when instructing.
  • Ask students to register at the start of each lesson.
  • Conduct instant class surveys and display results in real time.
  • Chat and send messages.
  • Students can discreetly alert the teacher when they require assistance.
  • Use approved or block unauthorised websites – or block all Internet access.
  • Block FTP access.
  • Open and close a website on the student Chromebook.
  • See details of the website that students are currently viewing.

– Support for students using Android/iOS tablets.

The NetSupport School Student for Android and iOS, available from Google Play, Amazon App Store and iTunes, meets the challenges presented by the increased use of mobile technology in the modern classroom and the growing adoption of BYOD initiatives.

For use in your existing NetSupport-managed classroom environment**, once installed on your students’ Android/iOS tablets*, teachers can interact with and support students from the traditional desktop Tutor application.

Key features include:

    • Create a detailed student register at the start of each class.
    • Display Lesson Objectives and expected learning outcomes on each student tablet.
    • Chat and send messages.
    • Students can discreetly alert the teacher when they require assistance.
    • Conduct instant class surveys and display results in real-time.
    • Conduct instant student and peer assessment with NetSupport School’s unique Question & Answer mode. (Android Only)
    • The teacher can transfer files to and from a selected student tablet or multiple devices in a single action. (Android Only)
    • The teacher can lock and blank students’ screens while presenting, ensuring student focus when required. (Android Only)
    • Show the teacher’s desktop to connected tablets. Students can use touch-screen gestures to pinch, pan and zoom in order to highlight key information.
    • Remotely launch a selected website on one or multiple student tablets. (Android only)
    • Remotely assign ‘rewards’ to students to recognise good work or behaviour. (Android only)
    • View the current status of wireless networks (currently Android only) and display battery strength for connected student devices


Additionally, for supported devices: (Android Only)

  • View thumbnails of all connected student tablets from the Tutor PC.
  • Zoom in to view a larger thumbnail of any selected tablet.
  • The teacher can discreetly view (Watch Mode) the screen of any connected student tablet.

Supported devices are from those vendors who have provided the additional access privileges needed for screen monitoring on their tablets.

* Android v4.0 and later. 
iOS v6.0 and later.

** NetSupport School desktop Tutor application required.

– A fully compatible sister product for Mac and all major flavours of Linux – NetSupport Assist.

NetSupport’s core classroom management technology combines to give teachers the tools needed to monitor and support students in the next generation of Mac and Linux classrooms.

Key features include:

  • Thumbnail View of each student desktop in a single view.
  • Remotely control the screen, keyboard and mouse of any student workstation where teacher assistance is required.
  • Show the teacher’s desktop to student machines.
  • Hand out/collect work and transfer files between the teacher and student machines.
  • Remotely power on/off student workstations.
  • Control Internet use.
  • Monitor open applications.
  • Conduct instant class surveys and display results in real-time.
  • Chat and send messages.
  • Create a student register at the start of each class.